Maria LeCuyer is a sought-after speaker who teaches people how to infuse their lives and businesses with a powerful and positive mindset to help manifest an affluent lifestyle.

As a business speaker, Maria shares her experience authentically as she offers a new and improved approach to conducting business mindfully. She dispenses advice on how to grow their companies profitably. As a speaker, Maria is in a unique position to influence individuals or an entire team. She can help business owners trust that they are stronger than the challenges of life and business.

A favorite among women entrepreneurs, her e-book, Prescription for Personal Breakthrough, offers proven and easy to follow business and life success tips. Maria has also written Powerful Women In The Modern World book and was a contributor to The Magic of Manifesting.

Maria is not into canned speeches. She speaks from her heart about her personal life experiences while moving up the ladder of success in corporate America.

sitting Maria LeCuyer speaker